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Worship Opportunities

Sunday Evening Worship Experience: 6:00 PM 

Our Sunday evening worship experience at MSN begins around 5:45 PM as our community begins to gather prior to worship to socialize with friends and hear the latest happenings going on in our community. 


After announcements, we transition into the chapel for a one hour worship service where we'll sing a mixture of hymns and praise music, commune with God through prayer, and encounter God through the biblical witness revealed in scripture and expounded on by one of our pastors.


Now as a heads up, you will hear music in languages ranging from Spanish and Portuguese to Chichewa and Sesotho in addition to English which functions to remind us of communities where we have serve in missions in the past and God's call to create inclusive spaces for all people of diverse backgrounds. 


Our services include opportunities for students to hear from their peers about their experiences of God in mission and local service projects.  Occasionally, guest speakers share innovative ways we as either individuals can engage the gospel corporately as a body or as individuals in small group.

Additionally prior to the culmination of each Sundays worship experience, one of our pastors invites us to join him or her around the communion table where we celebrate Lord's Supper--that sacramental act where God extends to each of us as God's children an invitation to participate in Christ goodness and reconciling acts of love in the world to our neighbors and friends.

Sunday Community Fellowship Meal: 7:00 PM


Immediately following the worship experience on Sundays, hang around as we transition from the chapel to our fellowship hall and enjoy a free meal (normally provided by a local church which tends to mean somebody's grandma with nothing to do and her friends cooked us so food so you know it's good).

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